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Transcript Solutions

Litigation Services


Transcript Solutions has court reporters on hand to transcribe business meetings.


Transcribing Business Meetings

Transcript Solutions primary handles court reporting services for depositions and trials but that’s not our only focus. Our court reporters can also transcribe meetings, corporate events and public hearings where accurate transcript copies are needed.

Our court reporters have the ability to transcribe multiple speakers at once. Schedule important meetings with a reporter skilled in taking down a verbatim record. We handle many different case scenarios and tailor this service to your business needs. When you need speed and accuracy for your board meetings, use Transcript Solutions.

Once the work is done clients are able to access documents online through our court reporting file repository. All files are kept on a secure server and ready when you need them. This feature is free for each client and allows you access to quick delivery service and a paperless workflow. You can access these files from your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you may be.

If you need office space to hold your meeting Transcript Solutions has you covered. If you are not hosting meetings at your office you may book one of our conference rooms. We have high -speed wifi and teleconferencing available.

We have court reporters in West Palm Beach to cover:

  • Corporate board meetings
  • School board meetings
  • Public hearings
  • Presentations
  • And much more