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Transcript Solutions

Litigation Services

Trial Services

Transcript Solutions provides trial coverage among its other court reporting services in West Palm Beach.


Trial Support

Our court reporters have assisted attorneys all across South Florida with setting up documents and other exhibits for courtroom presentation. We use only the most modern courtroom equipment and court reporters are experienced in trial litigation services. At each step of the process our reporters are able to assist you.

Trial Presentation

Transcript Solutions has assisting services that we work with in presenting your case. We make sure that you have the software and equipment needed for you to present your trial in a clear and professional way. No matter if you are presenting exhibits or video, Transcript Solutions is here to help.

Documents for Exhibit

It is important that you are able to display your exhibits in a clear manner. Provide us with copies of your documents and they will be available for display when you need them. We can check your documents for the ideal resolution to display them correctly.

Video Presentation

Transcript Solutions works closely with videographers to oversee all videography. Videos are presented in high quality and synced accordingly.

Order any additional services you may need - real-time, videographer and interpreter.