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Schedule court reporters for your next trial, deposition or meeting. Book fully equipped conference rooms.

Experienced Court Reporters, Individualized Services


We give you accurate transcripts and our reporters are skilled in many topics. Real-time available.

We host you in one of our fully-equipped conference rooms.


Schedule a court reporter for your upcoming trial. We have reporters ready to meet you anywhere in South Florida. Our reporters are prompt and equipped with everything you need.

Order any additional services you may need - real-time, videographer and interpreter.


Instant translation of legal proceedings.


Schedule important meetings with a reporter skilled in taking down a verbatim record. We handle many different case scenarios and tailor this service to your business needs.

Host meetings at your office or in one of our conference rooms.

Transcript & Deposition Repository

Your e-transcripts and companion files are hosted in our secure online repository. This grants you easy access to your documents the moment they are ready.

Upload documents for us to work on. We will transcribe your audio and video files.

On-Site Conference Rooms

We offer fully-equipped conference rooms throughout South Florida for meetings and depositions. Conduct group calls with teleconferencing and videoconferencing.


Get videoconferencing services upon request.
Witnesses are sworn.
Exhibits can be premarked or marked and presented at the time of the deposition.

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Our court reporters are standing by.